Saturday, October 21, 2006

First sighting of Western Pigmy Blue in Wiley Canyon

Saturday was warm (mid-70's) and sunny (October 21) so I decided to check out the activity in Wiley Canyon. Wiley Canyon is located in Santa Clarita off of the Old Road near Calgrove Boulevard. It is on the eastern edge of the Santa Susana Mountains. I saw 3 Buckeyes, 2 Umber Skipper, 2 Fiery Skippers, one unidentified small orange skipper and 1 Large Northern Skipper. I also saw 1 Ringlet, 1 Acmon Blue and to my surprise, 1 Western Pigmy Blue. I had never before seen a Western Pigmy Blue in Wiley Canyon. In addition, this one was relatively large. Both Blues were nectaring on the same plant. Pictures of both are attached so that you can compare size by looking at the size of the butterfly relative to the size of the flower.

Paul A. Levine


Blogger Chris Meyer said...

That's a good catch for this late in the year!

I wonder what the migration/overwintering habits of Western Pygmy Blue are? That might help explain why you got a first sighting of it in Wiley - it might have been on its way somewhere... (Just drawing a comparison to odd bird sightings in our garden; many we get just briefly, certain times of year, while on the move north or south...)

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