Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Easter Sunday (April 8) Field Trip

Please note that the field trip orinigally scheduled for Sunday April 8th to the Antelope Valley, meeting at Bob's Gap at 9 AM is being replaced with a butterfly trip to the West Fork trail in San Gabriel Canyon where a number of butterflies have been seen including the Soronan Blue. There were no nectar sources at Bob's Gap this past weekend and very butterflies.
There are two meeting places: 1) At 7:30 AM at the St Jude's Medical parking lot in Sylmar (see LANABA Calendar page for directions) 2) 8:45 AM at National Forest Infromation Center on Route 39 just north of Azuza just as Route 39 curves around tothe east and hits the San Gabriel River (this is shown on AAA maps) . From these places we will car pool to West Fork trail parking lot. Bring lunch and water.
---Best regards, Fred